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The Plus side of Google +



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Why does Google+ work for business?

While for many people Facebook is the top social networking site, for others Google is the internet. That alone makes Google+ an important place to be. Everyone who has a Google account, now has a link at the top right of their Google page that notifies them to access their profile. Many websites now use the “+1” social sharing button to enable people to post content to their Google+ accounts. There are useful ways you can engage people on Google+ including with business pages and topic based-communities, But it also works because of the way it changes search and can drive traffic to your website.

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What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

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What is Word of Mouth Marketing

and Ways of Encouraging it

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most efficient forms of marketing to attract clients. Today, having a great product is not enough. Your clients want a great experience. If you give it to them, there is no doubt they will share their opinion with others. Word of mouth marketing is defined by the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) as the way you give your clients a reason to talk about your product. So it lays on you and your service to give them reasons to make it easier for that conversation to happen.

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5 Tips – Twitter for Small Business

Top SME Twitter Tips
The Benefits of Twitter for Small Business

Many a small business set up a Twitter account with great intentions of tweeting regularly, and networking with potential customers and like-minded businesses. After some random engagement however, many owners and managers get tired of spending too much time for very little benefit. The key is to use Twitter efficiently.

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The Benefits of LinkedIn for SMEs

Linkedin for SMEs

Find out the 7 Benefits of LinkedIn for your SME

With over 259 million users in over 200 countries LinkedIn is  the world’s largest professional social network. It may be smaller than the mighty Facebook or Twitter, But it has a particular niche focus; professional networking. It is of particular benefit to the SME sector as it can be used to develop business contacts or to develop sales leads, particularly if you sell to other businesses or want to increase your customer engagement.

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How do I become a blogger?

6 Tips on how do I become a blogger.

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So many small and medium enterprises think that blogging is a blah blah tool, a waste of time and energy consuming, right? WRONG! Blogging is one of the most popular and powerful techniques to drive traffic to your website and build up your network. In fact, blogs have such impact on people that have outranked social media networks to influence customers.

If you want to move on from having a mere online presence to have a high rank position on the search engines, here are some tips that will make your blog a complete success.

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