5 Tips – Twitter for Small Business

Top SME Twitter Tips
The Benefits of Twitter for Small Business

Many a small business set up a Twitter account with great intentions of tweeting regularly, and networking with potential customers and like-minded businesses. After some random engagement however, many owners and managers get tired of spending too much time for very little benefit. The key is to use Twitter efficiently.

  1. Timing is everything

Find out the busiest day and time for Twitter use in your city or country or for your industry. Tweet and converse at a popular time and you will attract those all-important followers and retweets.  Social Media Today recommends that each company does a little research of their own and figures out when the best time is for their business to tweet. This simply means monitoring your Twitter usage over the period of a  month and identifying when your best engagement time is. In Ireland for example, Eighty Twenty, have found that Wednesday is the most popular day for Twitter usage.  The most popular time of day for Twitter users in Ireland is from 10 to 11pm. This is valuable information for small business owners and managers in Ireland and allows them to concentrate their Twitter energy on those times and day. Don’t forget the time zones of different countries and regions which might be relevant to your business or sector. Night time in the United States might be prime time for your sector but the morning time and quiet for your region!

  1. Get on that bandwagon

Hashtags are a great way for new followers to find you. Hashtags allow Twitter users to follow a conversation or topic in one stream, no matter if they follow all those tweeting or not. It’s a fantastic way for a business to get involved in a relevant or topical conversation for their industry or customers. Find out which hashtags and conversations are popular for your business sector, with your target group and for your city or country. There are hashtags are specifically created for businesses to promote their goods or service and to network such as #SmallBusiness and there are hashtags with Twitter meeting times for people of a certain industry to converse such as #ContentMarketing for digital marketers. Topical television shows and breaking news stories are great for getting noticed in a hashtag stream. Be careful and make sure you stay on topic when using these hashtags as tagging along just to spam and throw out a sales pitch is poor show. Genuine conversation on a popular topic is the best way to make friends (and customers!) on Twitter.

  1. It’s not all about you

It can be very tempting for new Tweeters to start throwing out tweets bout their company’s products and services. Twitter is all about conversation, networking and sharing. Good Twitter content should be relevant, interesting, useful and eye-catching to your followers, be they fellow businesses or potential and current customers. Resist that temptation to send out your sales pitch through tweets. It won’t be well received and you will waste time and energy.

  1. Tweet for the magpies

Just like magpies in your garden Tweeters love shiny things. Great images make for eye catching content and will ensure you some followers and increased engagement with current and potential customers. Twitter limits your posts to 140 characters but an image? Well you know how the saying goes and Gremlin’s Clayton Smith agrees. The average smart phone takes very decent pictures so remember to use yours it especially if you have a colourful or interesting workplace. Get used to taking out your phone when those Kodak moments come along. Twitter images don’t always have to be about your business but they should always be interesting and fun.

  1. Lists, lists and more lists

Twitter enables you to create lists of accounts. These can be of people you follow and those you don’t. It is a very handy tool as you can group people by subject theme, target group or in whatever category is relevant to your business. For example if you produce furniture you might have a list for furniture designers, a list for your target group of new home owners and a list for design publications and reviewers. Lists allow you to use your time on Twitter efficiently and help you keep up to date with your different target groups and what they’re talking about. You can choose to keep your lists public or private depending on whether you want to share your Twitter priorities with others. People may also add your profile to lists and you can subscribe to lists created by others. So you can actually tag along on someone else’s researched list. Don’t forget when it comes to Twitter (and social media in general) your smart phone or tablet is your most powerful tool. You just need to use it efficiently!  Like what you see? Don’t forget to pop to our contact page and sign up to our mailing list. We also love comments so drop us a line and tell us what you think.


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