What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

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What is Word of Mouth Marketing

and Ways of Encouraging it

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most efficient forms of marketing to attract clients. Today, having a great product is not enough. Your clients want a great experience. If you give it to them, there is no doubt they will share their opinion with others. Word of mouth marketing is defined by the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) as the way you give your clients a reason to talk about your product. So it lays on you and your service to give them reasons to make it easier for that conversation to happen.

I agree with those that say word of mouth marketing is an art; it is the science of building activity. It certainly needs to be encouraged and facilitated. And here is where your company has to make its homework. You have to listen to your clients, know what it is that makes your product special and build up a happier experience from their feedback. Make sure your company flies this flag, make your customers happy and they will talk about you.

There are many ways you can encourage word of mouth, but the following seven are the most recommended by David Chaffey:

  • Referral programmes. It is one of the oldest known promotions. It is older than marketing as we know it. How many times have we heard “go there and tell them I send you” and just like that you get a discount. This is the goal, get people sent from older or current customers. The tactic is reward the customers for referring and for being referred. For instance, you can use your e-newsletter to enable your loyal clients to have better discounts by referring somebody to your e-mail list.
  • Brand ambassadors. Everybody likes to feel special. We all like to be first in something or enjoy some exclusivity. That is another fantastic way of making your customer happy. Show them your appreciation by giving them exclusive merchandise or offers they can share with their contacts. Facebook is fantastic for this. Satisfied customers are likely to like your page. They will follow you posts and share them with their contacts. You have to interact with them. Give them something new to talk about. Make them happy and willing to make the world know what they think about your product.
  • Tryvertising. It is a funny word that combines try and advertising. The main idea behind tryvertising is to offering free samples, but not to everybody in your target audience, only to a selective group. Ideally, it should be done with a new product before it reaches the wider audience. If you are already taking on board Google+ create an exclusive circle that includes your most special customers. Make sure they know about this. Share your offers only with this circle. If they satisfied enough, they will make sure by word of mouth that everybody knows about their experience.
  • Causal marketing. You can add value to your company and products by associating your brand with a good cause. It is always more interesting if the cause is related to your product, so it enhances it. Let us take for instance Lifebuoy, a brand of soap. They promote the healthy habit of hand washing and their aim is to reduce mortality rates caused by lacked of hygiene. One of their actions has been adopting an Indian village to help every children living there reach the age of five. This was Lifebuoy ad:



  • Net Promoter Score (NPS). This great tool allows you to measure the voice of your customer. The ultimate question would be ‘would you recommend us?’. Reichheld popularized this term in his book “The Ultimate Question”. There you can find exactly how to measure your NPS. But for now, the only thing you have to find out by asking your customers what they like from your product and what needs to be improved. Work with their opinion to improve and give a better service. Remember, client satisfaction is the key to word of mouth marketing. With surveymonkey.com you can create online surveys in no time. It is the easiest and fastest way to have a real feedback on your product.
  • Influencer outreach programme. Again, it is all about who you know and who these people know. You do not need to be super popular and very well known to implement this programme. You just need to know 10 people who will tell 90 people what products to try and buy. It creates an echoing effect that can be enhanced with special offers. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterst, Instagram… take a pic. Social media is built for that. Have few likes and followers and they will make your word sound out and loud on the web.
  • Innovation. If you want to do something that is worth talking about you have to innovate. Do something new, something different something that catches people’s attention. Do not fall in the same routines. The world is moving very fast and if you get stuck in the same tactics over and over your customers will get tired and bored of you products. So try to create an experience that exceeds your customers’ expectations. A picture is worth a thousand words… imagine what pictures in motion can do. Create a video, capture the essence of your product in it and hang it on YouTube. Spread it with your social networks.

Word of mouth marketing has massively evolved since it went online. That is the beauty of the web, we are all connected. We are able to see, hear, read everything about our connections. We want to know about their interests, opinions and news. And more importantly we want to share our thoughts, likes and life events. The only thing you have to do is be one of their likes, give them a reason to talk about you.

I hope I have helped you with this article. Be the first to like and share my post and many other people will be able to get inspired by word of mouth marketing.



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