Marketing Humour – The Benefits for Small Business

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Marketing Humour in your Content Strategy

Of course content marketing must be relevant and useful to your target but practical information is not always the most riveting to read. Inject some humour into your content to grab attention and make reading your blog or social media posts more of an enjoyable experience than a chore. Think about your best friends? I bet you spend most of your time together laughing? Make your content funny and you will build great customer relationships!

Small businesses starting to dip their toe in the ocean that is digital marketing are most concerned by the drain it will have on their time and finances. Many owners and managers just beginning to introduce digital marketing to their overall marketing strategy are simply adding content and social media marketing to their already long list of tasks and responsibilities. Time wasting on drafting long, overly detailed and, let’s face it boring blog posts will not give your business the immense benefits content marketing has to offer. Yes you need to offer the reader something they can use or of interest but no one, no matter how committed to the subject, will stick around for boring details when your competitor is relaying the same info in far more creative and fun ways.

Think of writers, companies and social media profiles which have made you laugh. What kind of humour are they using to connect and build relationships?

InboundWriter advises that humorous content should aim to achieve the three Rs – receive, remember and respond. You obviously want your reader and potential customer to get the message your content is trying to share. You definitely want the reader remember the article but most importantly your business and brand. And respond? Well, whether it’s building brand awareness, increasing engagement or sales any small business wants to get that potential customer to act.

Adjust Your Set has produced a very useful tool for those attempting to create humorous content. They have identified 18 different types of safe(!) humour to add to your content. The good people at Adjust Your Set present the different types with a handy colour wheel and give examples of each. Looking at successful campaigns or content which utilised humour can really inspire you to create content for your small business. So get ready for some laugh research!

Humour in Twitter content can really get those retweets flowing. One liners are perfect for that 140 character limit. Conversation flow and fun and games between companies on Twitter can really bring a great fun community orientated flow to your content. Unlikely comedians on Twitter include official police accounts such as that of the Garda Síochána  in Ireland. points to Dollar Shave Club to show the power of humour for small business. Dollar shave invested $4,500 in basically, a funny video. Why did they get in return? – 9.5 million views, 23,000 followers on Twitter, 76,000 Facebook fans and most importantly 12,000 new customers in 2 days. That kind of return on investment is ironically not to be laughed at! Converting your customers’ laughs to cash can be hugely profitable.

Ekaterina Walter blogging with Fast Company also provides some great case studies and examples of successful use of humour in company content. Taco Bell is one such company which has really launched its online content on the back of offbeat humour and clever pictures.

Any company big or small can use humour in their content. Make sure you know your audience, stay respectful and the take time to do some quick research of successful content. Inspiration and sensible strategy will give you the confidence to make ’em laugh and make ’em pay!

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