Top Tips for using Pinterest


Pinterest is a virtual notice board; a place to “pin” your interests. Pinterest allows you to create boards which follow a specific topic and you can pin relevant images to those boards. Pinterest users can upload images from their own files but in recent years websites are using up to date links allowing user to easily pin photos which can be linked back to, by applying a “Pin It” button. There are some levels of customization afforded to Pinterest users with options such as adding descriptions, other people can like and comment on your pins and even “Repin” them on their own boards, quiet similar to Facebook’s Share option. Similarly to Twitter, Pinterest allows users to follow people and they can follow you but you can be more selective about it. Once you begin to follow a Pinterest user you don’t necessarily have to follow all of someone’s boards just the ones you wish to engage with yourself.

Top ten things to Pin

Once you have got the hang of boards and pinning, its then important to devise a plan to use your Boards and Pins so that your audience find it engaging and are therefore encouraged to visit your website. The following  tips are aimed at helping Pinterest users to and build a relationship with their followers.
Your Products: If you list your Business products it allows you the opportunity to display items of possible interest to followers, but this must be done sparingly as an overload may cause a disinterest or even disengagement from your followers which ultimately defies their purpose.
Your Own Images: Pin your own web pages to your Pinterest boards, so people can Repin them on their own boards and you can build up the number of pins that link to your site also creating the possibility of increased website traffic.

Your Blog Posts: It is highly beneficial for bloggers to pin every post to their Pinterest page but they must ensure that each one is a Pinnable image in order for it to work. If a post doesn’t seem to fit, create a new bigger board so it does. Take advantage of the referral traffic. Pinterest drives to benefit your blog.

Contests:  Photo contests are Popular on many social networks, and Pinterest is an obvious place for these. Invite people to submit photo entries by pinning them to their own boards with a specific hashtag in the description (so you can track entries). Repin entries to one of your own boards set up for the contest and judge the winner, perhaps partly by number of likes or repins. You can also use third-party services to manage and analyse various types of promotions, including sweepstakes, contests and coupons and instant wins.

Promotions: Use boards for specific themed promotions, these might be seasonal or tied to a topical event making them more relevant to the particular followers.

Locations: The default “Places and Spaces” board is popular on Pinterest and images of locations are widely repined. Even if you work in an office, showing followers your workplace can be an engaging way to give followers a “backstage pass” to your business.

Lifestyle: Think about lifestyle images that are not necessarily about your business or products but which have the possibility of reaching your target market.

Tutorials allows you the chance to share your practical knowledge and expertise in your choose field and this can be highly beneficial when done through imagery particularly if you have a hands on business such as a bakery or beauty business where you can display before and after product. You can also link these pins to your blog where your followers can avail of further information.
Infographics For more abstract information infographics are popular on Pinterest and you can find plenty of them in your field of interest that you can repin.

Text Although images work best, it is also possible to pin text. Use share as image, which lets you highlight text anywhere on the web and turn it into an image.

Overall Pinterest allows you portrait your brand in a particular way that resonates with your followers but it also has the potential of expanding your audience and demographics from other disciplines and interests. Pinterest also is a beneficial tool as its high imagery content is a great display opportunity for business and can almost be similar to traditional business’ shop window display

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