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Viral Marketing

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Small Business This is What You Need – Viral Marketing Tips

Videos and images without a doubt garner the most attention and engagement online. Investing in clever video content can dramatically increase a small business’ brand awareness and build relationships with current and potential customers. It doesn’t have to be madly expensive or Hollywood quality. Tap into your target’s values and everyday life and you will get them watching and sharing.

Grasshoppper points to Ram Trucks’ successful commercial ‘Farmer’ as a great example of a very simple concept reaching out to the hearts and minds of their market.  Using images of farmers hard at work and a recording of Paul Harvey’s ‘God Made a Farmer’ Ram Trucks builds fantastic video content. The company shows it truly understands and appreciates the strength, sacrifice and commitment of farmers. The video content resonates with farmers and makes them reflect on their stellar contribution. With this, Ram Trucks’ associates and aligns its product with hardworking farmers as a reliable and consistent tool at their disposal.

In order to make successful and influential video content you need to go back to basics. Listen to and map out your target; who they are, what they work at, how they live and what they value. From here you direct the creative flow. With a set of clear values to guide you, you will speak about what concerns your target.

Kelsey Libert and Kristin Tynski discuss at length the importance of emotion in successful viral video in their Harvard Business Review Blog post. Curiosity, interest, amazement, astonishment, admiration and uncertainty were found to be extremely common in viral content. Negative emotions were less so. Positivity is definitely the marker of a great viral content and makes people share.

Small Business Hub rightly advise, ‘Don’t make your brand the center of the video’. People don’t want to be bombarded with over the top brand propaganda. They want to be entertained, informed, shocked and wowed. Keep it real and interesting. Being a small business you have great possibilities in reaching out to your target with your story, people and authentic underdog status. Behind the scenes videos of your business at work and the people who make it happen will charm your target and bring them closer to your brand and product. A positive workplace atmosphere and team spirit are essential for small business. A great team can create great content. Just check out the Aflac Cancer Centre’s video.

The centre took their staff, patients, visitors, and a popular song and made an endearing and powerful viral video. Even though it doesn’t feel like it sometimes (especially in customer service!), ordinary people like to watch ordinary people. Especially, if they’re doing something out of the ordinary.

Just like refraining yourself from making your brand the centre of the video – Small Biz Trends advises small business not to speak for themselves. Get your most loyal and appreciative customers on board. Nothing sells better than online reviews. If your business is in a market with an online review site, make sure to encourage and motivate your customers to review you. These reviews will make great content for video and can be expressed in creative ways!

Viral content can boost a small business in different ways. On top brand awareness wins as people share and enjoy something your company produces, they associate your business with positive emotions. Your name gets out there and fast. When a customer is in a store or online searching for a product related to your business they will have instant recognition of your brand.

So much interest in in your video will spread to your website as people click the link from YouTube and social media. This will greatly benefit your SEO and increase your organic search results.

The key for small business is to really feel out your customers and figure out what they value the most. Yes, production and high quality video turn heads but what is the most important is the message and how it’s conveyed.

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